Motivation for May

My dad always used to tell me something when we first started running together: “Don’t judge someone for how quick they’re going; you don’t know how far they’ve run.” He was always keen to make sure I had an idea of perspective; you can never tell just how hard someone is fighting based on your […]

How to prepare for your half marathon

We are not a running website! We are definitely not a fitness magazine. We do, however, really care about our runners. While doing some research for my own training, I’ve stumbled across some great resources and nuggets of wisdom that I thought would be of use to our amazing team. So, here’s some tips, tricks […]

Gearing up

Chances are you’ve heard the phrase, ‘All the gear and no idea’. Running should be, on the surface, a sport where it is very tricky for this to be the case. You don’t need anything beyond a pair of decent shoes to get started, with even really high-end running gear offering you little benefit in […]

The next step is always the hardest

Our struggles are very real, but sometimes we need to be reminded of just how hard other people’s challenges are in order to put our own into perspective.  

Closing the gap

It sometimes takes less than you’d think to make a huge difference… I was out for a run yesterday when I caught a glimpse of someone in front of me, going about the same pace but quite a long way in the distance. I noticed they seemed to be following roughly the same route as […]

Some numbers

Our race told in numbers… 13.1 The distance of the GNR in miles. 57,000 The number of runners who take part every year. 15,000-20,000 The average half marathon takes 15,000-20,000 steps to complete. 146 The average finishing time for the GNR is 2 hours 26 minutes (or 146 minutes). 5.38 The average runner’s speed is […]

The further you go, the further we go

Why do the Great North Run for Dragonfly Cancer Trust? The further you go, the further we go. Every step brings you closer to home and families closer together. We may be a small charity but we are making huge strides. This year we will reach out to more families and hospitals around the country than […]

Great North Run Introduction

The Great North Run 2022 is the biggest half marathon in the world. Over 57,000 runners will descend on Newcastle in September 2022 to run from the centre of town to the coast, providing one of the most important events of the year for the city, and our organisation.  Dragonfly Cancer Trust is relying on […]