I would just like to thank everyone from Dragonfly Cancer Trust.

My son Liam, who is 21, was diagnosed in September with a terminal brain tumour, it all came as such a shock and as you can imagine, it rocked our world. An operation, diagnosis, appointments, treatment… it felt like we couldn’t escape everything.

Then through Dragonfly Cancer Trust, Liam got the opportunity to get away from it all when they very kindly gave him the chance to go to Center Parc’s with his dad and four brothers.It was just what they all needed, especially Liam. They made some unforgettable memories and I got some wonderful pictures and to see the relaxed smile on Liam‘s face in those pictures is something I can carry round with me forever.

While they were at Center Parcs, I got the chance to take time out knowing they were having a very much needed break. Until you go through something like this, you get wrapped up in everyday life, for Dragonfly Cancer Trust to enable the boys to have that time together is so very special.

I really can’t thank you enough for all your kindness and the effort everyone involved put in especially in these such difficult times. I really hope all at Dragonfly Cancer Trust realise what you do for us as a family. Once again a massive thank you. Xx

– Maria, Liam’s mum