Some numbers

Our race told in numbers…


The distance of the GNR in miles.


The number of runners who take part every year.


The average half marathon takes 15,000-20,000 steps to complete.


The average finishing time for the GNR is 2 hours 26 minutes (or 146 minutes).

Photo credit: BBC


The average runner’s speed is 5.38mph, meaning it takes them 11 mins 10 seconds to run each mile.


The entry fee for our GNR team is at a reduced rate of £35


The standard Cash Gift amount we give to young palliative patients is £350 and the amount we are asking our runners to raise in support of our charity.


Every 43 steps (roughly) you take on the day of the GNR will bring £1 to a young cancer patient facing limited time. Finish the race and you will have fully financed a Cash Gift for a young person to make the most of the time they have. You would be the reason that a little boy could go on one last holiday with his family or a little girl could have the birthday party she always dreamed about. Not too bad at all.

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