The further you go, the further we go

Why do the Great North Run for Dragonfly Cancer Trust?

The further you go, the further we go. Every step brings you closer to home and families closer together.

We may be a small charity but we are making huge strides. This year we will reach out to more families and hospitals around the country than ever before. In line with this target, we are offering up more highly sought-after Great North Run slots than in any previous year, meaning we get to meet even more of you lovely people (hurray!) and, if you’d been counting your lucky stars because you couldn’t find any available places, you aren’t getting away with it that easily.

We are particularly delighted to provide the opportunity to run at a much cheaper rate than many other charities (£35 entry and £350 sponsorship pledge). The GNR is a fun-run at the end of the day: we believe that anyone who wants to should be able to participate. It shouldn’t be limited by how fast you are or how much money you can raise. 

However, we remain committed to maintaining the highest standard of care and personal attention given to each of our runners. We need your help to do this. While we want all of our runners to be having fun out there we also have to remember the reason we’re asking you keep going – it’s not just about ourselves. The race will make a huge difference when it comes to our funding, and crucially, the further you can go, the further we can go. So please, let us make you a deal. 

If you agree to run with us (by this we mean show up on the day and walk, run, crawl or moonwalk your way to the finish regardless of how long that takes you) we promise to: 

  • Guarantee you a space in the Great North Run 2022
  • Provide continuous dedicated support for runners and their queries
  • Provide you with detailed information on the race itself, training, nutrition, motivation etc. twice a week
  • Provide a complimentary running pack complete with vest etc.
  • Be the loudest welcome tent in South Shields when you finish
  • Continue to lead the North East and become an established national pioneer in supporting young palliative cancer patients and their families.

Help us to help you to help us. 

The further you go, the further we go.

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