Isabella’s Book

In 2010 aged three years old, Isabella was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma, a rare childhood cancer. At the age of nine, during treatment for her third relapse, Isabella decided that she would like to write a children’s book during her long stays in hospital.

Isabella worked incredibly hard on her book, immersing herself into the fantasy world she had created from her hospital bed. Once completed, the book, titled “The Secret Adventure of the Fantasy Friends” made its way to the Josie’s Dragonfly Trust office and we absolutely loved it.

As a surprise for Isabella, we were asked to publish the book and the Dragonfly Dream Team were on the case straight away, contacting publishers who may be able to help us.

We sent Isabella’s manuscript to Legend Press, an independent publishers based in London, who came back almost immediately saying how much they loved the story. Their team went above and beyond to bring her book to life with a fantastic front cover design, “About the Author” page and professional finish.

A box of copies was sent out to Isabella’s mum who was able to surprise her with her published creation. She said:

“Isabella’s books have arrived and I can’t begin to tell you just how excited she was to receive them. Not one copy but 100 copies, she was just gobsmacked, as we all were. The book looks absolutely amazing, Isabella just loves it, and absolutely loves the front cover.She has already said she will sign every copy she gives away now as she is famous… you are all so absolutely wonderful for organising all of this for Isabella. I never in my wildest dreams thought when she was writing the story during her long hospital stays that one day we would be able to get it into print, and you wonderful people have made that possible.

You have made a sick little girl very very happy.”

We would like to say a huge thank you to the team at Legend Press for the time and effort they dedicated to creating Isabella’s published book…. and to our new favourite author, Isabella Lyttle, for brightening our day with a fantastic story – we will treasure our copy always

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