Kira used her Cash Gift to hold some very special 16th birthday celebrations, one out at a restaurant with all of her family and the other at home with her friends. Thank you to Kira and her mum for sharing such beautiful photographs and memories with you all…

“Massive thanks for your generous gift to help us create special memories for Kira’s 16th birthday.

These photos are of the amazing family meal we had to celebrate… It was lovely to have food cooked for us all whilst not having the pressure of hosting the event in our house… Family time is very special to us.

Having lived with Neuroblastoma for five years, Kira has missed so much time spent with family and friends – that is why the creation of both these celebratory evenings was so important to Kira. Thank you for helping us to make them happen x

These are from the additional teenage party Kira had to celebrate her 16th with her friends.

It was a happy evening filled with lots of fun, laughter and again more precious memories created.

Thank you for gifting us the financial means to make all of this happen and to give Kira a huge smile from ear to ear.

Thank you Dragonfly Cancer Trust -your gift means so much.

Very Best Wishes,

Aud Ronnie Kyle & Kira ❤️”

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