When we come into Dragonfly HQ on a Monday morning it’s hard to predict where the week will take us. On this particular Monday we received a request from the family of a young boy who has spent most of the year very unwell. The little boy, Mark, is a huge animal lover and his family approached Josie’s Dragonfly Trust to arrange a special day for them at Colchester Zoo.

Our Dragonfly Dream Team were on the case straight away and with help from the lovely staff at Colchester Zoo, they had everything in place for the family to visit the following week.

Both Mark and his younger brother were VIPs for the day and gained backstage access to the animal enclosures along with an expert zoo keeper as their chaperone. Their day began by giving the giraffes their breakfast, before getting up close and personal with the meerkats and aardvarks in their enclosures. The boys were then given backstage access to see the big cat enclosure and meet the tigers in a keeper area not usually open to the public.

Mark’s mum, Samantha said

“We had lots of fun and the experience of going to the zoo with a keeper is completely different and all the animals chase them as they think they’re going to be fed. The tigers were so calm they just looked like big house cats but you could hear her crunching the bones of the chicken!

Thank you so much… I am just so happy that we get to do all the magic experiences that we have and we couldn’t of done them without help from charities like Josie’s Dragonfly Trust.”

We would like to thank Samantha and her lovely family for allowing us to share photographs of their special day, we hope it was a truly memorable one.

Dragonfly Dreams are funded through your donations, 2017 has been our busiest year on record and we need your support to be able to continue granting requests just like this one.

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