After losing our precious daughter Rea, I found myself just sitting in her room.

We brought home her ashes which I placed on her bed along with the ashes of her beloved Mastiff, Blaze, so they could be together.

Looking out of her bedroom window on a gloomy winters day looking at a decking area in the corner of our garden used for storage, it just clicked……that could be a special place to sit and remember her.

“Our little piece of heaven on earth”

My nephew has his own artificial grass company so he fitted some grass and I got stuck into making it our little piece of heaven on earth.

Rea was too unwell to take advantage of a wish when she was still here but I heard about Josie’s Dragonfly Trust and their new “Footprint Fund” which helps families to do something special in memory of their child.

Josie’s Dragonfly Trust funded the centre piece of Rea’s garden – Rea loved all animals (her favourite being the white tiger) so I wanted her garden to encompass this. We chose a beautiful water feature of an otter’s playground because otters are extremely happy and playful creatures, just like Rea – always smiling and having fun… I know given the choice she would have picked it too.

It has given us so much comfort we have extended the area to accommodate all the things that family and friends have kindly brought to put in the garden to remember Rea by.

The morning after Rea’s garden was finished we woke to find a white feather right in the middle of the grass.

I know she’s with us when we sit there.

– Written by Lesley, Rea’s mum.

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