Through donations received, Dragonfly Cancer Trust gives young people with terminal cancer the opportunity to make memories that they and their family can cherish. Take a look at just some of the special memories Dragonfly Cancer Trust has helped create.

Cameron’s Fingerprint Jewellery

“In late 2018, Cameron (Cam) my little brother was diagnosed with leukaemia. It was completely shocking and scary. For many months Cameron endured several rounds of chemotherapy. Until finally in February 2019, we were told Cam was cancer free. We were able to breathe again *cautiously*. Cam went back to being a typical 18 year old. Little did we know that in the two years following, Cam would go on to face two more relapses of his leukaemia. His most recent stay in hospital happened during lockdown. Cam went into hospital with the hope of treating his relapse post stem cell transplant. Due to restrictions only I could stay with Cam. For seven weeks me and Cam stayed in one room, and could only see our mum from the window when she came to drop off snacks and laundry. It was extremely difficult for all of us. Cameron’s health began

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Josh’s holiday

Josh and his family enjoyed a holiday at Center Parcs where they were able to escape from everything and spend quality time together. During lockdown,

Liam’s Center Parcs Break

I would just like to thank everyone from Dragonfly Cancer Trust. My son Liam, who is 21, was diagnosed in September with a terminal brain tumour, it

Kira’s Sweet Sixteenth

Kira used her Cash Gift to hold some very special 16th birthday celebrations, one out at a restaurant with all of her family and the

Alex’s Trip to Dublin

Hello, I would just like to show my appreciation sincerely for this wonderful organisation which helped towards a dreamy vision become reality. Hopefully sharing my

Isabella’s Book

Isabella’s Book In 2010 aged three years old, Isabella was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma, a rare childhood cancer. At the age of nine, during treatment for her

Ben’s Lamborghini Experience

We often receive lovely thank you letters in the office, all of which are extremely precious. We remember quite clearly a wonderful card we received

Rea’s Garden

After losing our precious daughter Rea, I found myself just sitting in her room. We brought home her ashes which I placed on her bed

Mark’s Day at the Zoo

When we come into Dragonfly HQ on a Monday morning it’s hard to predict where the week will take us. On this particular Monday we

Ben’s Tractor

Ben was 12 years old and had just settled down in secondary school when one Friday evening in October 2012 he had just got back from school